Established in India in 2008 by British CEO Adrian Mutton and Co-Founder Kapil Dua, Sannam S4 is the preferred global partner for strategic and sustainable market expansion. We work across industries with the world’s leading universities, corporates, nonprofit organizations, trade bodies and government agencies.

Sannam S4 employs more than 260 professionals with genuine local knowledge and global expertise in order to support our partners growth objectives overseas.  In India, we operate 5 business centres in the country (New Delhi, Gurugram, Mumbai, Bengaluru and Chennai).  Outside of India, we have offices (focused largely on client origination and support) in the USA, UK, Australia and Singapore.  We also have offices in Malaysia (and one due to open shortly in Vietnam) supporting our Education clients and wider market entry and support services


Our in-house specialists work with you to help you step back into the working world seamlessly. Through coaching and expert support, we help women relaunch their careers and succeed on their path of choice.

Expert support and guidance to relaunch your career

Development doesn't stop when you leave the workplace. Once you return, our network of global professionals and coaches are on hand to help you complete your transition. We know there's just as much that we can learn from you as you can learn from us.

Development supported by global professionals and coaching specialists

We pride ourselves on offering our team competitive pay and excellent benefits, regardless of how long a break they take from their line of work. Our policy is not to punish those whose priorities have taken them outside of work but to reward that life experience and unique expertise in new, focused ways.

Promoting equity and leadership development for women

One of our main goals with the return-to-work initiative is to provide women with the chance to access the resources, advancement and equity needed to grow in their chosen careers. We strongly believe in equal opportunity and providing any individual with the opportunity to reach their full potential.

Individuals on a break from traditional workplaces are an incredible untapped pool of talent. We know that providing the right environment to return to work with unique perspectives and skills beyond conventional learning can also improve us as a business and brand.

In the long-term, we want to utilise the Sannam S4 Return to Work Initiative to ensure our colleagues have the support needed when they take time away from work. Whether they choose to take a break to care for family or complete their personal goals, we have their backs when they are ready to return to the workplace.

Accessing talent from new and exciting places

Supporting our existing colleagues in taking the time they need

Why is it important to us?

As Sannam S4, we're always striving to better our business and provide equal opportunity to people from all walks of life. We know that talent comes in all forms, shapes, and sizes, and we value the skills and unique experience that everyone can bring to the table. Here are the reasons why our return-to-work initiative is so important:

Excellent benefits and competitive compensation

What can we offer you?

If you are currently taking a break from traditional workplaces, the Sannam S4 Return to Work Initiative can benefit you in numerous ways. Our ultimate goal is to offer a high-quality service that provides the resources, coaching and support needed to make returning to work easier. Here's how we do it:

What is our return-to-work initiative

Our new, structured program has been created with the best and brightest women in mind. We know the challenges of returning to the work you love after twelve months or more outside of your career. Our Sannam S4 Return to Work Initiative provides the stepping stones needed to get you back in a job and acclimatised to the working environment.

We understand the complexities of returning to work for many individuals and families. If you've taken an extended break for your career or you're looking for new opportunities to return to work, we're here to support and guide you. With numerous pathways to take and options to help you along the way, our team of specialised mentors and network are here to give you precisely the support you need.

Get Back in Business

Return to work with Sannam S4

Are you planning on returning to work after an extended break? Sannam S4 is here to lend a helping hand. If you've been out of work for a year or more, we help you rebuild the foundations of your existing career – or help you get into something entirely new. Whether you've been spending valuable time with your growing family, exploring every corner of the planet or taking life as it comes, we're here to help you return to work the Sannam S4 way.